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Subjective circus photo series of the Capital Circus of Budapest
Nemzeti Cirkuszművészeti Központ Nonprofit Kft.
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All photographers over the age of 18 can apply
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Subjective circus photo series of the Capital Circus of Budapest

Photo tender of the National Circus Arts Centre Nonprofit Ltd.

The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd. invites a photo tender for photographers. The purpose of the tender is to select photographers, who present the circus acts in the circus ring and the world behind the scenes of the Capital Circus of Budapest, including the work in the Baross Imre Artist School and at the rehearsal space of the Capital Circus, from an unusual perspective and with the help of various different approaches to the audience.

Terms and Conditions:
The Executive and Organizer of the tender shall be the National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd. (headquarters: 1146 Budapest, Állatkerti krt 12 /A, tax number: 20671675-2-43: hereinafter: Executive)

- All photographers over the age of 18 can apply.
- You can only apply for creating a new photo series: a digital series of photographs with a minimum of ten and a maximum of twenty photographs, which can be used freely and in many ways by the Capital Circus of Budapest.
- The National Circus Arts Center Nonprofit Ltd. provides the following support for the winner's new photo series: reimbursement of travel expenses, provision of accommodation for two weeks in an apartment, board in the circus buffet, free admission to the circus, professional coaching with the participation of Ádám Urbán Balogh Rudolf Prize-winning photographer.
- The application, together with the professional CV, ideas related to the work of the circus and the portfolio can be submitted electronically to the e-mail address: foto@circus.hu.
- Period of the tender: any two-week period between 16 January 2021 and 14 March 2021.

Documents to be submitted in the form of digital files for the electronic submission of the application:
- Professional portfolio (photos)
- Professional CV, short career description, professional development, ideas regarding the two-week period of work spent in the circus.

Additional technical details and requirements for the application
The application can only be submitted electronically to the e-mail address: foto@circus.hu.
Resolution of the photos in the submitted portfolio: ~ 1500 × 1000 pixels, 300dpi.
The name of the photos in the submitted portfolio: name_title of the series_photo serial number.
The format of the photos in the submitted portfolio: jpg - only submitted photos are requested, links and compressed submissions will not be evaluated.
Photo submission deadline: 10th of December 2020.
The Applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail after receiving the submission about the validity of the application.
The deadline for the evaluation of the tender and the announcement of the result: 15 December 2021.
In case of a positive evaluation, the Applicant shall be entitled to the support of the National Circus Arts Centre Nonprofit Ltd. defined in the conditions of the application based on the Applicant’s new series of photographs.

By submitting the application, the applicant accepts the conditions included in this tender and acknowledges that they are binding on him / her.

Own intellectual product
By submitting the application, the Applicant declares and warrants that the submitted application work, neither all of it, nor some of its elements infringes the rights of third parties, and no third party has any right that would prevent or in any way restrict the Executive's acquisition of rights to application works. Only the applicant shall be fully liable for damages resulting from a breach of this obligation. The applicant only can apply with his / her own, original, and individual intellectual creation. In the absence of this condition, the application will become invalid and the Applicant cannot receive an award, or if this circumstance turns out after the awarding, the Applicant must return the award, furthermore the Applicant have to stand up for any claim - infringement of copyright or other title – by a third party against the Executive.

Copyright and right of user
By submitting the application, the Applicant takes note that the copyrights of the intellectual property of the assessed tenders will be exclusively acquired, without spatial or temporal confinements of any kind, including the right of any method of use, including the right of adaptation by the Executive. Based on the copyright and respecting the personal rights of the Applicant, Executive is not exclusively entitled to particularly adapt the work, have the work adapted by a third party or to arbitrary multiply the work (which includes the storage of the work and the copying of the work with the help of a computer or onto any other electrical data medium and/or the transfer of the rights of multiplication, included in the rights mentioned above, to any other third party) to communicate the work to the public, to use the work for commercial reasons, to initiate a trade-mark registration process with any stock list as the exclusive holder of the trade mark, furthermore, to hand over the work for usage to a third party without any liability to pay. The Applicant shall be entitled to add his/her work to his/her portfolio, to utilize his/her work indicating that the photographs were taken in the buildings of the Capital Circus of Budapest. In the course of personal use, the photographs shall not be used in any context damaging the reputation of the Capital Circus of Budapest of the Executive.

Data management, data protection
By submitting the application, the Applicant gives his/her consent to the management of the data, submitted with the application of the invited tender, by the Executive, as data manager, according to the legislation in force of the Executive’s data management and data protection regulation and especially according to the General Data Protection Regulation 2016/769 of the European Parliament and Council, furthermore according to the Act CXII of 2011 on information self-determination and freedom of information.

Submitted data affected by data management
The submitted personal data of the Applicant: first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address.
The data allocated by the Applicants shall be used in order to realize the tenders, to examine the participation legitimacy, to execute the evaluation, to appoint the winner(s), to announce and notify the winner(s), to realize the entire communication regarding the invited tender, furthermore in order to get in touch with the Applicants regarding the contract and to announce the submitted works. The data manager stores the data in his own computer system.
The Applicants take note of the fact that the consent of data registry and the use of data, according the above-mentioned, is voluntary, meaning the consent of the Applicants poses as legal basis of the data management (according to the GDPR 6.(1)a) and c)).
The Executive sees to the security of the submitted personal data of the Applicant and ensures to prohibit any unauthorized access, public disclosure, erasure, breach, annihilation or change of data. The Executive ensures the Applicant of not using the submitted data for any other reason, expect for indicating the Applicants name, when using the work of said Applicant. The Executive grants the Applicant the right to receive information about the data management of the submitted data at any times, furthermore, the right to correct the previously submitted personal data and the erasure of said data. In case of information request, correction, distraint or erasure, the Applicant shall send a request to the following e-mail address: info@bpva.hu.

The Executive reserves the right of modifying and/or amending the tender unilaterally without any obligations of providing justification and the right to back out of the tender without any reimbursement obligations. In case the Executive backs out of the invited tender after valid applications have been submitted, the Executive shall be obligated to instantly inform the Applicants of the modification and/or addition via e-mail. The Applicants then have seven days upon receiving the email to correct, modify and/ or complement the application, if necessary, according to the modified tender. In case, the Applicant no longer wishes to participate in the tender upon its modification, the Applicant shall be allowed to withdraw his/her application with a unilateral statement within the set timeframe. In this case the Executive shall not be entitled to use the previously submitted application. The Executive
furthermore, reserves the right to call the tender invalid without any winner(s), if the submitted applications are invalid according to the jury and/or the Executive. The Applicant is exclusively entitled to withdraw his/her application before the announcement of the results, by sending a unilateral statement to the submission e-mail address.
For more information contact:
National Circus Arts Ltd.
E-mail address: foto@circus.hu

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